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Metal & Stone

See how Sandstone Creation can use metal and stone to create elegant, versatile, and durable products. Below, you will find some of our various offerings in this realm including our "Granite Wall Planter Box System".

The Granite Wall planter box system allows architects to specify planter boxes in any shape and size. This system easily creates seating with its integral wood or plastic composite benches that come in any length and many colors. It can be used indoors or outdoors; in atriums, malls, restaurants, plazas, roof tops, walkways, etc. Fiber reinforced panels are available in exposed-aggregate (crushed granite) or chemically stained concrete. The panels are set in and capped with welded rails made of brushed stainless-steel or durable powder-coated steel (any color). Planter boxes can be used to contain soil or water. The boxes can be designed for virtually any location, are easy to install, and possible to re-locate.

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